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Festival Rules

The Lithuanian Children's and Youth Jazz Music Festival-Competition "JAZZ FONTANAS" took place for the first time in 2002. The festival-competition, which is being held for the 20th time this year, is known as the oldest children's and youth jazz project in Lithuania. The author of his idea is the jazz music composer, the manager of jazz music projects, and performer Rimantas Juozas Bagdonas.
Throughout the life of the project, it was attended by more than one and a half thousand performers, for whom it became a solid stepping stone to larger stages and life activities.
The authors of the logo of the Lithuanian Children's and Youth Jazz Music Festival-Competition "JAZZ FONTANAS" are artists Gintaras Grigas and Rita Kosmauskienė.
The author of the Grand Prix is ​​the glass artist Remigijus Kriukas.
2022 competition-festival format
1. The performances of the participants will take place in a hybrid way:
1.1. The competition program is live; unable-to-attend participants send the app in video format. Their recordings will be available to other contestants in a separate room during the contest-festival.
1.2. Performers only show up at their scheduled time.
2. The final concert (GALA CONCERT) will take place in a hybrid way.
3. A methodological seminar for specialists - jazz, improvisation teachers, lecturers, sharing of good experience about the education of young jazz musicians and discussion of the results of the competition - is organized remotely. Qualification certificates will be issued to the listeners of the event.
Stages of the project in 2022
I. Applications are submitted until 2022, May 1
II. Those who are unable to participate in the competition program will send live videos until 2022, May 6 (inclusive).
III. The festival-competition will take place in 2022, May 13-14
After consultation, the jury announces the results on the same day after the performances of each age group.
IV. The closing concert will take place on May 14 at 5 p.m.
V. The methodological seminar will be held remotely on May 19.
Age groups of participants
A - up to 10 m. (inclusive).
B - from 11 years. up to 14 years (inclusive).
C - from 15 m. up to 18 years (inclusive).
D - from 19 years up to 23 years (inclusive).
Older participants (from the age of 24) participate as seniors.
With a larger number of participants, subdivision is possible.
Each participant of the festival-competition must submit a copy of the identity document (if the evaluation committee has any doubts about the age of the performers).
Requirements for the festival-competition program
1. Instrumentalists, vocalists, vocal and instrumental ensembles, choirs, orchestras, mixed projects can participate in the festival-competition "JAZZ FONTANAS".
2. Only jazz instrumental, vocal music or jazz arrangements, interpretations, transcriptions are performed in the festival-competition. The repertoire is freely chosen. Jazz standards are optional.
3. Instrumentalists, vocalists, ensembles (ensembles, choirs, orchestras) are evaluated separately.
4. At least two works of jazz of different character must be performed. A single work performed is not considered a program.
5. Duration of the program:
for soloists (instrumentalists, vocalists) - up to 10 min. (2 works);
for groups (large and small ensembles, choirs, orchestras) - up to 15 min. (2-3 works).
6. If a video is submitted to the festival-competition, it will be recorded specifically for this festival (the organizers of the festival-competition will send the festival mark by e-mail, which must be visible in the recording).
IMPORTANT! Teachers participate in the project only as accompanists.
Evaluation committee
1. The composition of the jury will be announced at the start of the festival on 13 May.
2. Exceptional nuances of evaluation:
2.1. Priority - own creative compositions;
2.2. Live accompaniment - an advantage;
2.3. If a phonogram is used, it may not contain a soloist part ("minus one").
3. The decisions of the evaluation committee shall not be contested.
1. Participants in groups A, B, C and D will compete in their groups for I, II and III places, special nominations and the Grand Prix (GRAND PRIX).
2. Since 2021, the festival-competition "JAZZ FONTANAS" has established a special Rimantas Bagdonas prize for creativity, improvisation and charisma, to which all participants of the festival apply.
3. The organizers of the festival invite you to improvise on the themes of the festival's creator Rimantas Bagdonas. The best improvisation will be awarded a special diploma. The topics can be found in the publication “From Blues to Contract” (2013, published by the Lithuanian Music Information Center).

Or download by clicking these links:
Conditions of participation
1. The application is filled in online: open the application form
2. Registration of a participant is the consent that the personal photos and records of the participant will be used free of charge and made public for educational purposes without prejudice to the rights, honor and dignity of the participant.
3. Participation fee:
Soloist - 15 EUR
Combos ensembles (up to and including 6 members) - 10 EUR / person.
Large and ensembles and orchestras (from 7 members) - 5 EUR / person.
If a participant plays in several bands, he pays only one (higher) fee.
4. The participation fee is paid at the time of registration by transferring it to Lina Švedkienė a / sLT827044060008014605 (SEB bank), indicating the purpose of payment: “Jazz Fountain” and the name of the participant (ensemble representative or manager).
Video Requirements
1. If a participant (s) is / are unable to attend, he / she must submit a good quality audio and video recording in horizontal format. If you have any technical questions, please contact at
2. The soloist / ensemble and the special sign of the festival-competition must be clearly visible:
3. It is possible to record one program separately, but the video must be installed as one recording. Video and audio correction is not available for individual track recordings. The commission reserves the right not to evaluate the performance due to poor video or audio quality.
4. Entries are uploaded to google drive, or by sending a link via email. at
In case of unforeseen circumstances (pandemic or force majeure), the organizers of the festival-competition reserve the right to adjust the festival regulations.
More details are provided
mob. tel. +370 (681) 45713 (Igor Švedko)
Contact us for technical questions
mob. tel. +370 (612) 83920 (Darius Dimbelis)
festival organizers Jūratė Kučinskaitė, Igoris Švedko, Arnas Simėnas and
Cultural Center Panevėžys Community Palace